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How does Sanitary Solutions distribute products?

Sanitary Solutions distributes and sells our line of sanitary stainless steel products through distributors whether they be stocking or non-stocking and to systems integrators who service the bakery, beverage, cosmetic, dairy, food and allied process industries. If an end user were to call our team, they would be given the same courtesy as our distributors in answering any questions concerning our product and then would be given a distributor in that area where our distributor is located.

Our company has developed (4) four pieces of literature for distributors to assist them in their sales and marketing efforts–Each piece of literature has a space on the front to staple the distributor’s business card.

Distributors will receive a full line catalog consisting of dimensions, weights, part numbers, an easy to read table of contents and other valuable information to assist them.

Distributors will receive an (8) eight page color brochure that they can use to put in their catalogs or hand to the end user as a guideline of the products and services that are offered.

Distributors will receive a (4) page color Inline and Side Entry Filter/Strainer Brochure filled with an answer sheet, dimensions, drop curves, and sizes.

Distributors will receive a (52) fifty two page color Valve/Product Recovery System Catalog filled with dimensions, material lists, features, repair kit information, specifications, pressure/temperature charts, product breakdown and the various new products that we are adding shortly.

The Sales team at Sanitary Solutions works closely with each distributor to help him win the order by listening to his needs, stocking what is needed, and shipping product on time with a minimum backorder. Our team knows that price plays a large part in getting that business and our team has the decision power to make that happen quickly.

So what is our goal for you, the distributor?

Sanitary Solutions is building a strong distributor network throughout North America by NOT overpopulating an area with multiple distributors, but assisting and building with  distributors who work as a team and support Sanitary Solutions.

We know that we can’t be everything to everyone, but we ask you to consider calling us first for assistance to you, our distributor. If you are a distributor in our business and are tired fighting the same supplier who has set up other distributors in your area, then take action and call Tommy, Henry or Jeff at 1-888-909-3569 or 1-855-640-7871.

We would love to hear from you!