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Manual Pressure Relief Valve


  • Material: 316L
  • Seat: PTFE O-Ring
  • PSI: 140 Maximum
  • Spring Pressure: 50 lbs. (Standard) 100 lbs., or 300 lbs. (Optional)
  • Standard Clamp Connection


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Our Manual Pressure Relief Valve is designed to release pressure in order to prevent damage to your system. Both "L" and "T" port versions are available, and as our valve uses a standard clamp connection, it is directly interchangeable with many of our competitors offerings. We supply our valve with a '0-50' psi spring as standard, with optional 0-100 and 0-300 psi' springs available upon request. Please note, that as you increase the spring rate to it's maximum setting, you will begin to limit the stroke of the valve. If so, our optional spring rates may be necessary for reaching the required pressure settings without limiting valve stroke.

Please remember to always vent and drain the line before servicing your Manual Pressure Relief Valve!

Pressure Relief Valve Features: Sizes: 1.5" & 2" Easy to assemble, no special tools required. Lockable and indexed valve adjustment Both "L" & "T" port available 0-50 psi spring is standard, with '0-100' and '0-300 psi' springs available upon request. 32RA Polish on both ID and OD Material Test Reports are available. So, Click Here and enter your heat number to receive a PDF copy of your report. Call our sales team at 1-888-909-3569 or 1-855-640-7871 to assist you with stock availability, valve questions and repair kits.