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Sanitary Solutions is committed to promoting food safety and public health.

3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc. is an independent, not-for-profit corporation dedicated to advancing hygienic equipment design for the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. We represent the interests of three stakeholder groups with a common commitment to promoting food safety and the public health - regulatory sanitarians, equipment fabricators and processors.

The team at Sanitary Solutions has received 3-A certifications for the following products:

  • 33-03 Metal Tubing
  • 42-02 In-Line strainers
  • 51-01 Plug-Type Valves
  • 63-04 Sanitary Fittings
  • 65-01 Sight and/or Light Windows and Sight Indicators in Contact with Product
  • 78-03 Spray Cleaning Devices Intended to Remain in Place
  • 58-02 Vacuum Breakers and Check Valves
  • 68-00 Ball Type Valves

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