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Sanitary Air Relief Valve


  • Material: SS304
  • Max operating pressure: 140 psi
  • Max operating temperature: 210°F
  • Standard Polypropylene Valve Ball —PTFE is optional
  • Valve must be mounted Vertically


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Our Sanitary Air Relief Valve is designed to remove air from the line without loss of product, and will not allow air to enter the line or container under vacuum. The valve consists of a standard ferrule, a double seated chamber containing a polypropylene ball, and a vent tube. All held together with two heavy duty clamps.

The Air Relief Valve aids in bleeding the line removing air pockets that may form during operation. Similarly, mounting this valve before a pump will relieve any air pockets that may cause air binding.

Air Relief Valve Features:

  • Sizes: 1.5" & 2"
  • Easy to assemble, requires no special tools.
  • Replacement Ball and Gaskets are available.
  • EPDM Gasket is standard, with Silicon and Viton available upon request.
  • Polypropylene Valve Ball is standard, with PTFE is available upon request.
  • PTFE Ball has better heat & abrasion resistance and last longer between maintenance cycles.
  • Valve seals for vacuum and pressure.

Material Test Reports are available. Click Here and enter your heat number to receive a PDF copy of your report.

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