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Sanitary Gaskets


Due to numerous types, please download a copy of the PDF Gasket catalog on pages 144 – 159 in the “NEW SANITARY SOLUTIONS CATALOG” as a reference.


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Sanitary Solutions is your stocking source for stocking and supplying pipeline sanitary gaskets to the Bakery, Beverage, Cosmetic, Dairy, Food and Pharmaceutical Industries from the fractional to the large diameter sizes.

Upon reviewing the dimensional data located on pages 144 - 159 in the PDF Gasket of the "NEW 2015 SANITARY SOLUTIONS CATALOG," you will see that there are numerous types of gaskets and that we try to stock the more common types used in the above industries. As the above markets grow in tube size, it is imperative for us stock the fractional (0.50" & 0.75") as well as the large diameter sizes - 6.00", 8.00", 10.00" and 12.00".

We, at Sanitary Solutions, know to be a supplier in this industry that we must have a gasket to supply with the fittings that you are ordering so we try to stock those items so we can be a "one stop shop." As the sanitary gasket progressed, we have begun stocking the very popular Advanced Detect Metal Detectable Gasket in all sizes. Advanced Detect Metal Detectable Gaskets identify polymer particles in the product flow of the processor's lines by signaling through standard metal detectors. By using an Advanced Detect Metal Detectable Gasket, one is able to find gasket particles in line using metal detectors, deleting the need for X-raying product, and having notice in advance that particles have been removed eliminating the need for a product recall.

Sanitary Solutions stocks a full line of stainless steel filled Teflon® gaskets which is used in the pharmaceutical industries to minimize cold flow of Teflon® and keep or retain the memory of the original form if used for steam in place that is required in pharmaceutical or biotech processing. These gaskets are USP Class VI tested, meet 3-A standards and any geometry is available.

If you are looking for a screen gasket, perforated plate, sock gasket or orifice plate, we have a domestic supplier to manufacture and stocks many sizes to fill your needs. Please contact our sales team at 1-888-909-3569 or 1-855-640-7871 to assist you with any sanitary gasket need or if there is a particular style that we need to stock for your needs and ask to receive the "NEW 2015 SANITARY SOLUTIONS CATALOG."