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Sanitary I-Line Fittings


  • Alloy: T304 or T316L
  • Sizes: 1″ OD – 6″ OD
  • Finish: Polish ID/OD
  • I-Line & Q-Line Clamps are the same


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Sanitary Solutions is your source for T304 or T316L Sanitary I-Line Fittings found primarily in Bakery, Beverage, Cosmetic, Dairy, Food Industries. Our fittings meet or exceed 3-A standards with an ID polish of 180 Grit or 25 Ra on the Inside of the Tube and a 150 Grit or 32 Ra on the Outside of the tube. Sanitary Solutions I-Line fittings are bagged and marked with the size and alloy and a heat number for full trace ability for either alloy.

The 304 I-Line Wing Nut or I-Line Bolt Style of Clamp to form the union can be used for either the I-Line Fitting or Q-Line Fitting, but this is the ONLY Fitting that is interchangeable. Either type of clamp assembly with either the I-Line or Q-Line fittings permit easy assembly and safe fast cleaning of lines. All welds used in manufacturing are of Tungsten Inert Gas Method for true fusion of wall with no pitting or thinning. Weld end style of fittings are made to exact circularity tolerances and have true square butt ends for on site Tungsten Inert Gas Installation.

When placing an order that day, our sales staff will send you an e-mail confirmation and tracking information showing that the product shipped the day of the order and that the product shipped complete. Take a few moments to browse the PDF I-Line Fittings Products Catalog found on pages 53 - 66 that we stock from 1" - 6" or can have made to fill your requirements and upon review, we think you will agree that the dimensions shown in this PDF are to standards accepted by the industry. Sanitary Solutions is your source when your end user is experiencing high pressures, vibration or high temperatures in the line and extra strength is needed. I-Line fittings interlock and the gasket is not exposed creating a metal to metal design to control gasket extrusion and any problems in the line.

Please consider that Sanitary Solutions supplies a Heavy Duty clamp - example - the 4" size weighs 5 lbs and we supply a 3/32" gasket, not a 1/16" to complete a secure connection.

Click here for the Material Test Reports page and put in your heat number to receive a PDF copy of your report - now that's simple!

If you are looking for a Heavier Duty Clamp then many of the competitors and a thicker gasket to eliminate liquid hold up and hard to clean areas, then call us at 1-888-909-3569 or 1-855-640-7871 and ask to receive the "NEW 2015 SANITARY SOLUTIONS CATALOG."

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