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Clamp Check Valve


  • Alloy: T316L
  • Sizes: 0.5″, 0.75″, 1.00″, 1.50″, 2.00″, 2.50″, 3.00″, 4.00″, 6.00″ (In Stock)
  • Seat and O-Ring: Viton®
  • Finish: Polish ID/OD to a 3-A Sanitary Finish
  • Capped & Bagged for Protection
  • Operating Pressure to 145 PSI
  • Temperature Range ( 15 °F — 195° F )


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Our Sanitary Stainless Steel Spring Loaded Clamp Check Valve is primarily found in the Beverage, Chemical, and Food Industries where the when flow of product in both directions creates a problem. The surface finish of our valve is polished to meet a 3-A sanitary finish.

Sanitary Solutions stocks a 6" T316L Sanitary Stainless Steel Clamp Check Valve for when those large jobs come up!

The principle behind this valve is it opens when pressure below the valve seat is greater than above the valve seat. Therefore when pressure equalizes, the valve closes.

Features Include:

  • Clamp connection, for easier cleaning, inspection or replacement of any worn parts.
  • Viton® stem O-ring and Body gasket
  • 1"-4" are 3-A Certified
  • T316L Flow Plate and Stem
  • T304 Stainless Steel Spring
  • Comes capped and bagged so your valve arrives in pristine condition
  • Laser engraved with the size, alloy and a Heat Number for full trace ability.

Remember: We STOCK all sizes of clamp check valve repair kits.

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