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Sanitary Air Blow Check Valve


  • Alloy: T316L
  • Sizes: 1.50″, 2.00″, 2.50″, 4.00″, 6.00″
  • Finish: Polished ID/OD to a 3-A Sanitary Finish
  • Available with a 1/2″ NPT Cap or 1″ Hose Barb


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Sanitary Solutions is your source for a T316L Sanitary Air Blow Check Valve primarily found in the Beverage, Chemical, Dairy or Tank Industries where an application is needed for air agitation of product in a tank and to evacuate lines of product or CIP solutions. Our T316L Sanitary Air Blow Check Valve fits ideally with the Sanitary Y-Ball Check Valve that we stock in our warehouses in West Columbia, South Carolina. As for the surface finish of the Sanitary Stainless Steel Air Blow Check Valve, our valve is polished to meet a 3-A sanitary finish.

Sanitary Solutions stocks a 6" T316L Sanitary Stainless Steel Air Blow Check Valve to go with a 4" Sanitary Y-Ball Check Valve - when those larger jobs come up.

The principle behind the Air Blow Check Valve is to not allow back flow of CIP solution or any type of back flow by controlling the supply of air to the valve to create an air to open, spring to close operation whether the valve is in a horizontal or vertical position. Air, when used as agitation, provides better blending and mixing capabilities in the tank.

Each of the T316L Sanitary Stainless Steel Air Blow Check Valve stocked have the following features - Clamp connection for easy on/off and simple assembly/disassembly for cleaning, inspection or replacing any worn parts. Our valve comes standard with a Micron Filtered Disc gasket, EPDM stem and plug, and a T304 Stainless Steel Spring and Spring Retainer.

Sanitary Solutions stocks three different styles of T316L Sanitary Stainless Steel Air Blow Check Valves for you to choose - Please refer to the pictures as to your need for a 3/8" Air Line Coupler which is standard for our valve or a Rubber Hose Barb Adapter on one end or a Female NPT connection on one end.

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Remember: We STOCK all sizes of the Sanitary Air Blow check valve repair kits.

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