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Sanitary Sample Valve


  • Alloy: T304
  • Size: 0.375″ & 0.50″
  • Finish: Machined ID/OD
  • 1″ Clamp Size x 0.375″ or 0.50″ BARB
  • Temperature Rating: 290° F at 190 PSI


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Our T304 Sanitary Sample Valve primarily used in the Beverage, Brewery, Pharmaceutical, Tank and Winery Industries. It is clamp end with either a 3/8" or 1/2" spout. Our valve is polished to meet sanitary standards.

Features include:

A silicone seat to provide a leak proof shut off, two silicone O-rings, T304 Stainless Steel stem and knob assembly.

Pressure / Temperature Rating: 190 PSI at 290 degrees F.

Optional Repair Kits.

Sanitary Solutions can supply you with other types of sample valves which include a T316L Inline Sample Valve from sizes 1/2" - 4.00" and T316L Angle or Right Angle Sample Valves from sizes 1/2" - 4.00" from our domestic fabricator. The advantages of both of the above sample valves include a Teflon® seat for sealed closure, minimum dead-leg area, a Viton® O-Ring and Material Test Reports for full trace ability with heat numbers, size and alloy marked on each valve.

Click here for the Material Test Reports.

If you have an inquiry for an Inline, Angle or Right Angle Sample Valve in T316L, please call us at 1-888-909-3569 or 1-855-640-7871 for same day shipments.